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"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." George Orwell

Pseudo Quack Axiom

A collection of artistic insights that explore the implications of the scalar potential, the Zennek surface wave, and faster than light communication. The greatest minds of the twentieth century inspired the creators of zero point energy to entice the estranged bedfellows of music and science to rendezvous at the cusp of the next century and all the possibilities it entails."

"These concepts lend credence to the quest for understanding that compels the thirsty mind to sate itself on the obscure knowledge of the greatest contributions to humanity whose gestation period alone traverse decades and has yet to mature enough to challenge yet alone overcome the totalitarian mentality."

This quartet defies description freely trading instruments and featuring three lead singers and unusual instruments and subject matter which compel the listener to take a voyage of pure thought and to leave behind their conventional notions of what hard rock is.

Pseudo Quack Axiom is Gerald Williams (Vocals / Bass), David Lazarus (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Percussion,) Tim Christian (Vocals, Guitar, Bass), and Art Druepell ( Guitar, Keys, Percussion) Born in the underground music scene that fans call the "party circuit" this band combines experimentation and melody, soul and sacrifice and leaves the listener besieged by the truth.

With two albums out to date this band has shown that they can make music that reaches a mass audience without sacrificing their artistic integrity. The first album now known by some fans as "the lost album" was released in early 2002 and the latest release Zero Point Energy was released in the middle of 2003.

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