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"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." George Orwell

History of Lazarus X - The Musical Origins of Alternative Thought

Rock band Lazarus X

Although their name and their music carry an elusive and indefinable quality this band is definitely a rock band through and through. Weapon of Love, the debut album for this Houston Texas alternative rock group has created a stir in the independent music community and now this band is poised on the edge of success on their own terms.

David Lazarus of Lazarus X

Guitarist and vocalist for Lazarus X formed the group in early 2002 with the idea that music was ready for a change. "I was tired of hearing the same thing on the radio and I kept hearing the same thing from other people too. People were tired of the same old meaningless songs. I hope that I offer them something different."

The Independent Music Fans

Fans have responded with great enthusiasm to Weapon of Love proclaiming Lazarus X an alternative metal epiphany. In a crowd of sameness Lazarus X dares to find a new path. With dark dramatic songs full of emotion and strife but somehow not overtly so Lazarus X is finding a musical voice which is not just a recreation of the past but a glimpse into the future.

The Lyrics and Themes

With themes like war (Weapon of Love), dehumanization (Honorguard), privacy post 9-11 (Free Radicals), and suicide (Two Ropes) Lazarus X manages to say the things that need to be said without patronizing the listener. Though the topics are dark at time the message manages to remain cautiously optimistic. "The main thing is that I want is to get a message out to other people who feel the same way that I do. You aren't the only one. There is someone else out there who recognizes there are problems yes, but there is also hope."

Lazarus X Now Signed to SDR

Now signed to Independent rock record label Silver Dragon Records all the elements are in place for Lazarus X to finally take their brand of hard hitting, honest, and intense rock to the rest of the world. "I don't think too much about the future. If this album reaches just a handful of people who truly appreciate it then I am a success. I am really grateful to all the people at Silver Dragon Records and all the fans who have really stood by my music. You guys are the best."

Pseudo Quack Axiom

Formerly of Houston underground Alternative metal band Pseudo Quack Axiom Lazarus X has a rich musical history and an has been a regular player in the rave style shows that make up the Houston musical underground. From rooftop shows to abandoned warehouses to the clubs of Houston Lazarus X has done it all. Read about his former band PQA and see where it all started.

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