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"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." George Orwell

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Independent Record Label Silver Dragon Records now joins forces with Lazarus X

SDR and Lazarus X are committed to bringing Houston underground music to the masses. SDR is an indie record label serving the underground hard rock, alternative and experimental rock scene in Houston Texas and across the USA. Lazarus X is now a producer and signed act with SDR and is set to bring Houston underground music to the mainstream while maintaining the indie ideal.

Through SDR's independent record label we offer private recording studio access to our signed bands. We also offer local and national publicity, music marketing, recording CD's, mastering projects, help in marketing a demo or shopping a major or indie label deal to unsigned bands or bands signed with other labels to help get the word out about Houston music.

We are now currently in the process of signing three national or local bands in the hard rock and alternative rock and alternative metal vein so if you think we are right for you send us a demo. For more information check out Lazarus X or Independent Record Label SDR click on the hyperlinks in the text ad let us hear from you.

Click on the hyperlinks below for more information. If you get a chance drop us a line and let us know what you think at webmaster@silver-dragon-records.com

Latest News

Weapon of Love import CD is now available for music to US customers while supplies last Only available for a limited time so don't miss this. Available for only $15.99 from Independent Record Label Silver Dragon Records.rock band Lazarus X music news

Alternative metal band Lazarus X new CD Weapon of Love hits college radio, Alternative metal / rock band Lazarus X releases their new CD to critical acclaim. Their alternative rock / metal album album Weapon of Love takes the independent music world by storm. Check out the story here.

Alternative rock band Lazarus X takes over the internet. Alternative music will never be the same. After joining forces with the great people at rock record label Silver Dragon Records to take over the independent music scene hard rock band Lazarus X is set to is poised to take over the virtual world. See the press release for more details.

Weapon of Love hits retail and online record stores. Independent music invades record stores and the music listeners are reaping the rewards. Liberate yourself from boring corporate music.

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