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"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." George Orwell

Weapon of Love - Alternative rock as it was meant to be

Liberate yourself from boring corporate music

Weapon of Love hit record stores and college radio recently to critical acclaim. If you haven't heard about Lazarus X yet check out this album, slated to be one of the hottest independent record label releases of the year. Long a staple of the Houston underground music scene now Laz is set to break out to the mainstream while staying true to his indie roots.

Lazarus X

Lazarus X and Weapon of Love have been taking the alternative rock underground by storm earning rave reviews from college radio, scores of fans and others in the rock music industry. Lazarus X proves that underground music can be melodic and still have an edge. Not afraid to take chances Lazarus X is set to bring underground music to the forefront of the industry.

Weapon of Love

This CD is an audio catalyst of enormous proportion able to leap from hard driving rhythms and dark driven vocals to subtle and melodic moments fueled by raw emotion and heightened by very meaningful and intense lyrics. Lazarus X's use of dynamic shifts in volume and intensity are a welcome change for the ordinary.


Combining elements of alternative metal and hard rock this album breaks all the rules leaving the listener with only one regret, that they haven't heard it sooner. Not afraid to break from the stereotype of underground music Lazarus X boldly forges his own path.

Check it out for yourself below

Sample a few minutes of each song or download full songs in mp3 format for your listening enjoyment. For full lyrics for each song follow the links.

Unconventional - 4:56 (Sample) (Lyrics)
Weapon of Love - 4:39 (Sample) (Lyrics)
Two Ropes - 4:47 (Full Download) (Lyrics)
Savior - 5:44 (Sample) (Lyrics)
Honorguard - 4:24 (Sample) (Lyrics)
Free Radicals - 4:52 (Sample) (Lyrics)
Whispering Shadows - 4:19 (Sample) (Lyrics)
Asylum - 4:30 (Sample) (Lyrics)
Insomnia - 4:03 (Sample) (Lyrics)
Inferno - 5:18 (Sample) (Lyrics)
Vampyres - 6:46 (Full Download) (Lyrics)

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